by Jay Monaco

Being an organ of the people, we here at Communique NE would never consider ourselves “above” the discussion of any topic.

Okay, that’s kind of a lie. I can think of a bunch. Well, in any event, we are not above discussing mainstream bourgeois electoral politics – and I’ll tell you why.

THIS is why. OK just kidding. Kinda.
THIS is why. OK just kidding. Kinda.

As radicals, we firmly believe that socialism cannot be voted into existence, not in any lasting way. At the same time, we believe the election of socialist and independent labor candidates, as well as agitation for issue-based campaigns like the minimum wage fight, can improve conditions for the working class and even implement temporary reforms designed to weaken and destabilize the status quo (non-reformist reforms). We do not support voting for democrats, even as “the lesser evil.” (That includes Bernie Sanders. We’ll talk more about him later.) We recognize that both exploitative capitalism and imperialist foreign policy continue unabated regardless of whether democrats or republicans control the White House or Congress.

Believing as we do that electoral politics in the United States has reached the point of tragic absurdity, we believe that avoiding discussion of this deprives us of the rich opportunity to repeatedly demonstrate (if not prove outright) just how tragic and how absurd all of it really is. Being based in New Hampshire, on top of it all, we’re provided an even more acutely rich opportunity in the sense that the First in the Nation (#FITN) primary allows us access and exposure to all candidates running in both open fields.

This man is running for President and it's not even a joke.
This man is running for President and it’s not even a joke.

So don’t thumb your nose down at us – come along with us for our 18-month Commie #FITN Party! It’s gonna be a blast. We’ll kick things off with some preliminary coverage, endorsements, and scorecards of candidates on both sides of the aisle. We want to know who the players in this little farce are, amirite? Kick back and enjoy.

Yep, it's time to party.
Yep, it’s time to party.

As the months pass and activity predictably heats up in the late summer and throughout the fall, we intend to kick it up a notch and provide in-person coverage of candidate events and speeches. We’ll go one better than that and seek out venues and openings to ask pointed questions of as many candidates as possible – the kind of questions, of course, only a leftist would ask.

This is your disclaimer, and I’ll link to it in each of the pieces in this ongoing series. If you read something that seems like nothing any serious radical would write or print – if you read something, in other words, that seems like it might be satirical – you’re probably right. You’ve been warned.

The two-headed dragon of capitalist political parties produces bullshit politics. But while we work our asses off to use that system against itself, let’s try and have a little fun in the process, shall we?




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