This represents the second post in our wild Commie #FITN Party series. Disclaimer found here.


by Jay Monaco

Look, a lot has already been written on this subject.

Here’s Jacobin founder Bhaskar Sunkara saying Bernie’s candidacy is a good idea.

Here’s a different writer in Jacobin saying why none of this is true and Bernie’s run is a huge trap.

Here’s legit labor hero Steve Early, again in Jacobin, insisting that it really is a good idea.

Ashley Smith at The Socialist Worker says Bernie is a real problem.

Here, for those just dying to jump into this mess, is a very friendly argument between Socialist Alternative (Bernie is good not great, maybe we can convince him to not be a democrat anymore) and the International Socialist Organization (Bernie sucks).

See, we don’t really want to talk about this. But since the question is going to get asked – everyone is dying to know where Communique New England falls on this issue – we felt it might be best if we just gave you a really fun infographic.



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