Imagine if a bunch of Swedish journalists came to the US to extensively document, on film, the Black Power Movement between 1967 and 1975, then the footage was lost for 30 years, found again, and compiled into a brand new documentary by filmmaker Göran Olsson. Don’t strain yourself too hard – that’s exactly what happened in real life. The result is the beautiful, compelling, powerful, moving film The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975. You don’t just want to see this, you need to. Since it was pulled from Netflix several months ago, it hasn’t been available for free.

Tomorrow (8/28), that’s about to change.

Black Power Mixtape Flyer

That’s right, The Black Power Mixtape will be shown tomorrow night at Lowell’s own Zeitgeist Gallery as the latest installment of the Community Advocates for Justice and Equality (CAJE) Last Fridays Film Series – AND IT’S FREE. The good folks at CAJE will even be hosting a critical discussion following the film. Free movie on a Friday night, with a discussion? You have no excuse for missing this one, guys. None at all. And you don’t want to.

Come on down – treat yourself or make it a date night! That’s what I’m doing, made special childcare arrangements and everything. At the risk of ridiculous redundancy, this is not one you want to miss. It even comes with a guarantee – if you make it to the closing credits with two dry eyes, we’ll refund the price you paid for admission.

All right, that’s not much of a guarantee, since it’s free, but come on…it’s free. See you there!


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