Oh no! Change! What is to become of the Communique New England we all know and love? Have we proven once and for all that leftists actually can not have fun?

Not in the slightest. In fact, we are extremely excited to announce our new partnership with Community Advocates for Justice and Equality, Lowell’s very own home-grown radical people’s organization. Click the link – check it out. We’ll now be CAJE’s official home on the web, and we couldn’t be prouder of that fact. CNE will also be – officially – the home of the Activate Lowell video and audio podcast.

What’s this mean? More posts – but much more important than that, more voices. More community. More upcoming events. This might be the most exciting time in CNE history – and we want your participation as well.

Many more details to follow. Please excuse the appearance of the site as we get some content and organization together and as always, let me know what you’re thinking.


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