The New Hampshire Socialist Coalition


What is the NH Socialist Coalition?

The New Hampshire Socialist Coalition is a multi-tendency partnership between active socialist parties and unaffiliated communists, socialists, anarchists, distributists, and perhaps the occasional social democrat. The NHSC was founded on the idea that all anti-capitalists are stronger when we communicate, cooperate, and collaborate with one another for support and action-based common struggle – even if we don’t agree all the time (hint: we won’t, and that’s okay.)

For more on the mission and structure of the NHSC, as well as criteria for membership, check out our FAQ here.


Let’s talk.

We want to hear from you. Tell us where in the state you’re from, how you’d like to help promote radical socialism in the Granite State, and/or how the NHSC can best serve your needs.

To stay up on the latest actions, meetings, projects, initiatives, and programs – even at times events which are unaffiliated with NHSC – sign up for our email communique list. As a bonus, we promise to make our spam as entertaining as possible.

Whatever it is you need, start off by emailing or filling out the contact form embedded below.