How do we make decisions?

At this time, there are three acknowledged circumstances in which the two-category activity model is not in itself sufficient to determine the way forward. In these instances only, formal voting will be conducted.

To certify a proposal as a Major Initiative requires a two-thirds majority of voting membership.

If there appears to be broad verbal agreement, barring the objections of any voting member, a simple voice vote may be taken to certify a Major Initiative.

To formally reject a proposed Minor Initiative requires a two-thirds majority of voting membership.

Due to the severity of a formal rejection, a full roll-call vote should be conducted as a matter of policy.

To block a candidate from NHSC membership or to expel a voting NHSC member requires a three-quarters majority of voting membership.

As with formal rejection, this vote should be conducted formally as a roll call.

When voting is required, the primary vote shall be taken at an in-person meeting, with an ancillary “absentee ballot” conducted on the next virtual meeting conference call to follow the vote. Unless the results of the initial vote are mathematically impossible to overturn on the conference call, no results shall be considered final until after the absentee ballot vote.