OK, what the hell is up with all the space pictures?

Uh, excuse me…since when does anyone need a reason to like space pictures?

Actually, though, the real answer to this question is less random than you might expect.

Yes, the space theme was adopted in part out of a desire to make this operation fun and to make our imagery both reflect that spirit of fun and be a part of it.

But these images of an advanced, space-traveling society – most of which are from actual Soviet-era posters – are also intended to represent a very serious point, one with undertones equally somber as they are hopeful. It’s quite simple, really: if capitalism is allowed to continue, the human species will not survive long enough to develop the technology to travel among the stars. We’ll snuff ourselves out, right here on this planet. Under capitalism, forget about space. Forget about human achievement and advance – it’s all downhill from here.

On the other hand, these triumphant depictions of egalitarian space travelers are there to remind us of the rapturous hope inherent to a better world under socialism. This is precisely the promise made by the revolutionary overthrow of our present system, the boundless possibility available to all of us if we can just get it together and shake off these chains.

So it’s not just a joke. The world of Full Space Communism, with its total equality and justice, its prioritization of humans and their enjoyment of life and fullness of potential, its freedom from exploitation and oppression and fear and want and environmental suicide – that’s precisely the world we’re fighting for when we engage in this thankless, draining, often depressing work week after week.

These images of space represent the very idea that gives us our hope. We hope you come to feel that, too.

So when you think of communism, think less of tanks and concrete block housing; instead, think of limitless possibility for all people, think of riding a cool-ass spaceship through hyperspace and onward, as free and beautiful as the stars themselves.