Welcome to the Party – Who are We?



Welcome. We are the Communique Collective – that’s what we call ourselves, anyway, mostly for the sake of drama. You know, in the revolutionary socialist spirit of fun.

Our contributors and editorial staff have been brought together by the confluence of two local radical organizations. The first is the Southern New Hampshire/Lowell branch of Socialist Alternative, the Trotskyist political party made famous by the election of the formidable Kshama Sawant to the Seattle City Council and the subsequent 15Now! minimum wage movement. The branch, with a de facto base of operations in Nashua, covers a large and underserved area. Members travel not only from Manchester, Milford, Merrimack, and Peterborough but from as far off as Tewksbury, Massachusetts.

More recently emerging onto the scene with exceptional spirit and enthusiasm is CAJE – Community Advocates for Justice and Equality. Based in Lowell and formed largely as the result of local concerns about police brutality coupled with the national Black Lives Matter movement, CAJE is “a multiracial network of community members and organizations. We empower, raise awareness, provide resources, and advocate for the marginalized.”

Both organizations exist entirely independently of the other, possessing different aims and respective organizational character, while sharing official solidarity, unofficial affiliation, and undeniable membership overlap. In a similar fashion, the Communique Collective exists independently of both parent organizations. The content presented here at Communique New England is not approved or endorsed by Socialist Alternative and, unless otherwise noted, should not be taken to represent official party views or positions. Nor do we purport to speak in any official capacity for CAJE.



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