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That we broadly endeavor to advance the views and efforts of both SA and CAJE is, of course, no secret. We aim to ever be transparent and sincere about our ideological point of view, our local biases, and our organizational agenda. But while our solidarity is wholly and freely given, our editorial and stylistic independence is the one priceless treasure we hoard and guard. Though we may never turn our backs on our origins, it is not our intent to remain closed to new contributors or even necessarily homogenous from a partisan standpoint.

In fact, whoever you are, we want your feedback, your participation, and, yes, your submissions.


Have a problem with something we wrote? An encouraging comment? A rebuttal? A death threat?

What about a suggested topic for discussion, a hot tip, an alert to some glaring omission?

Reach out to us directly at Nobody knows who we are, so we’ll have plenty of time to respond to all correspondence.

Note in your email if you would like your remarks officially marked as a “Letter to the Editor” so that we can consider posting it and even replying if we feel like it. Of course, even if you do not designate your comments as such, we might post them anyway – especially decent hate mail.


Join the conversation – and the celebration, too! In our stages of infancy, we even welcome trolls. Post your best and worst in the available comments section for each published piece, or engage us and the public at large on social media:




As previously stated, we cannot offer you money, recognition, respect, or credibility. If, for some reason, you still wish to send us your stuff, then send your best pitch or completed piece to We have no formal submissions guidelines and no real content restrictions. Having no current submissions whatsoever allows us to guarantee a review and response of everything we get.


Managing Editor
Jay Monaco



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