Greedman Protest

The Communique Collective has an operating budget of $0.00, which – looking on the bright side – makes it very easy for us to be financially transparent. We are in no way bankrolled by the coffers of SA or CAJE (as if either of them has any money anyway). Any expenses thus far incurred have been covered out-of-pocket by the founding editors and contributors committed to this project.

More regrettably, considering our firm and proud position that all labor be fairly compensated, this means that writing and editorial work is entirely unpaid. We would love to be paid for this work. But those of us who believe in this project donate their time and energy on behalf of justice and, ultimately, revolution. That satisfaction will have to do for now – for the few of us who are starting this out and for anyone wishing to participate in the foreseeable future.

We provide the opportunity for anyone to donate to our efforts – we enthusiastically accept dollars. But rest assured that we aren’t expecting a dollar and that any unlikely dollars tossed our way will be immediately passed along as token compensation for expenses and labor, as well as to help fund our sister organizations and activist efforts.

Frankly, I’ll be astonished if anyone donates anything, so I’m not going to worry about it too much.


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